Getting started with you UD email

Logging into your email

In your web browser head to

Username: your email ( PW: [use the password provided]

On first login you will be prompted to add a secondary phone or email to be used in the event that you lose access to your account. Please follow the prompts to provide a phone number.

How to change your password

  • Click the profile button (circle shape with your initials top right of menu)
  • Open “View account”
  • Locate the block that says “Password” and select “Change Password”
  • Enter old password, create a new password and submit
  • You may need to restart any Microsoft apps that use this account (outlook, teams etc) and login again with the new password.

Create an electronic signature

  • Open Settings (the cog icon)
  • Type “Email signature” into the settings search bar and open “Email Signature” option
  • Click “+ New Signature”
  • Give the signature a name
  • Select the template present below the line and copy and paste into the signature box.
  • Tick the boxes to activate the signature to send for all new messages AND replies/forwards.
  • Save the signature and then send a test email to ensure formatting looks correct to the receiver.

Alice Ajax | Honorary Research Fellow

Your College affiliation, University of Divinity


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