Turnitin submissions

One of most common methods for submitting assessment work is through Turnitin.

Submitting a file to Turnitin via ARK

  1. Assignments are to be submitted via the relevant Turnitin link in the ARK webpage for the unit you are enrolled in. Simply login to ARK and locate the unit coded e.g. AZ1234Q (not the Metaunit see XXX) and you should be able to see the links.

Turnitin links

  1. Click on the appropriate assignment in the child unit and you will be presented with some details on the assessment. Make sure ‘My Submissions’ is the current tab. Note the dates (in the green box) – the start date is the date after which you are able to submit. You will generally be able to submit after the due date (see this page on late submissions and penalties) up until the post date that is listed.

Turnitin assessment

  1. Click on ‘Submit Paper’ in the greyed row (the red box) and a window is presented that enables you to select your file to upload. Enter the title of your assignment in the ‘Submission Title’ field. This is required and in this example is ‘Tutorial paper 1’.

Turnitin add submission

  1. There are two ways to add the file to the submission. The simplest is to simply drag the file from your computer (Explorer on Windows, Finder on Mac) into the area with the grey dashed rectangle. This will show an upload progress bar.

Turnitin file drag-drop

  • Alternatively, you can click on ‘Add’ button (the green arrown above ) to locate and upload the file from your computer.
  • Click ‘Upload a file’.
  • Then click ‘Choose a file’ and you will see a new window that allows you to navigate your computer’s files to select the correct file. Click on ‘Choose’.

Turnitin file added

  • You should now see you file’s name in the attachment section. You do not need to worry about the author or licence field.

Turnitin file added

  • Click ‘Upload this file’

  1. Once ARK has received the file you can see it in the ‘File to Submit’ section.

Turnitin file added

  1. You will need to acknowledge the declaration by ticking the checkbox beside ‘In accordance…’ and then click on ‘Add Submission’. The file will be submitted to ARK and Turnitin.

  2. You will receive a submission receipt on the screen and by email if configured. You can return to the assignment details screen by clicking on the ‘Close’ button in the top right corner of the window.

Turnitin add submission

  1. You are returned to the submission space and can now see its details (the title you gave it, a paper id and date)

Turnitin add submission

Can I resubmit a file?

In cases where you would like to resubmit the file (such as if you upload the wrong file, or after submission notice an error) you can navigate back to the ‘Submit paper’ location and click on it. Turnitin will recognise that you have already submitted work and display a message indicating the implications of resubmitting a piece of work. You can go through the steps outlined above to upload another file for resubmission.

Turnitin add submission

Acceptable file types

There are some limitations to the types of files that can be processed by Turnitin.

Turnitin supports files up to 100Mb in size and can process files of certain types. Please see this support document if you encounter any submission issues .

How can I download or print my assignment with the feedback?

If you view your assignment in Turnitin there is a set of buttons down the right hand side. Clicking on the ‘Down arrow’ will open a dialog that allows you download your original submission, your submission receipt or a file that looks like the current view, containing any inline comments and overall feedback.

Turnitin download feedback