Your ARK profile

ARK allows each user to change elements of their profile and maybe add a picture.

Profile fields

The following fields are editable by all users in ARK:

  • Email Display (defaults to “Hide my email address from everyone”)
  • Email Format
  • Email digest type
  • Forum Auto-subscribe
  • Forum tracking
  • Skype ID
  • Description
  • Picture
  • Picture description
  • Preferred name
  • Timezone

The following fields are visible in ARK, but not editable. These values are derived from Paradigm. Once changed in Paradigm, these values will be available in ARK after the scheduled data sync.

NOTE: a = visible to user b = visible to others c = visible to teachers

Fieldvisible to userto othersto teachers
First Nameabc
Mobile phoneac

^if assigned to a group and it is “visible”, within the unit where the Group is set up)

To change your user profile:

  1. Log into ARK
  2. Click on the your name, profile picture or the down arrow from the top right of ARK.

ARK link

  1. Click on ‘Profile’
  2. Select Edit Profile in the User details section:

Edit profile link

  1. You are presented with your profile and can make changes. The greyed fields are not editable as this information comes from Paradigm (see above).

Edit profile link

  1. ARK allows for each user to have a ‘profile picture’. This is useful so that other students in your classes and academic staff can better recognise you. In order add a picture, simply drag and drop the image from your computer, into the browser and the ‘User picture’ section, placing it on the area containing the purple arrow.

Add profile picture

  1. Click the Update Profile button on the bottom of the screen.

Profile update button

My name shown in ARK is not the name I use

For many of us, the name we are known by is not our formal/legal name.

Paradigm (the University students information database) allows a preferred name to be recorded. Presently this does not integrate with ARK, which simply displays your formal name.

If you wish to include on your profile the name that you are known by, then please do as follows:

  1. Choose Profile from the pull down next to your picture (top right of screen)
  2. Click on Edit profile
  3. Scroll to the end of the page, and click to expand the Other fields section
  4. There you can enter your Preferred name

Perferred Name field

  1. Finally, click on Update profile button.

Profile update button

When others click on your picture or name, they will now also see your preferred name. However, your formal name will still be listed in units.