ARK timezone

ARK’s system time is set to Australian Eastern Standard Time (the main servers are in Sydney, thus server time is Sydney Time).

If you wish to change your time zone (ALC students and staff for instance, and those in other places) you can do this.

This will mean that when times and dates are displayed in ARK, they will be adjusted for the time zone you set.

To (re)set the time zone:

  1. Log into ARK
  2. Click on the your name, profile picture or the down arrow from the top right of ARK.

ARK link

  1. Click on ‘Profile’
  2. Select Edit Profile in the User details section

Edit profile link

  1. You are presented with your profile and can see the Timezone field in the General section.

Edit profile

  1. Clicking on the Timezone field presents you with a LONG list of possibilities! Below shows the default setting, based on the server’s timezone.

Profile update button

  1. Scroll to your selected timezone (here Melbourne)

Profile update button

  1. Click on Update Profile

Profile update button