Zoom Upgrades

Version 5 Update for Zoom users

Before the 30th May, all Zoom users will need to update the app to be on version 5.0 or higher. Otherwise, you will not be able to join a meeting.

This change is to the Zoom application itself and does not alter or require changes to your settings or any meetings scheduled.

Mobile Devices

If you use Zoom on a mobile device, it will automatically upgrade to 5.0 if you have automatic upgrades configured. Otherwise, you will need to visit the App Store for your device to perform an upgrade.

Windows / macOS – Desktop Applications

Desktop apps do not automatically upgrade. You can either visit the download page (link below) or choose the “check for updates” menu option in the Zoom app.

From the 30th May, if an older version of Zoom attempts to join a meeting, you will receive a prompt to upgrade the app. Some older versions will offer users the option to participate via the web and do the upgrade later.

To upgrade your app now, please visit https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

If you are using a work provisioned device, you may need to coordinate with your IT department to have this update installed, please refer them to https://zoom.us/docs/en-us/zoom-v5-admin.html